Sister Post- Thrifting Tips




All of my sibling and I are avid bargain hunters.  Our mom is the queen of good deals, using coupons, and patiently shopping to find a good price  
I love this- and to me, shopping for deals is the only way to do it.  I feel like it’s a treasure hunt every time I go into a thrift store, a garage sale, or when I was in Africa….the market! 

Now, thrifting may not be for everyone- but my sister and I wanted to just share a few tips that we have found to be helpful in shopping at thrift stores and finding great stuff! My tips are below- and be sure to check out my sister Jenny’s post as well!

1. Shop in every size.  You may strictly wear a size small when shopping for new clothes of a certain brand, but when clothes have been worn, washed, and dried- you can’t trust the size too much anymore.  I always shop in small, medium, and large for shirts and with pants I usually shop in my size and the 2 closest to it.   Brands also make a big difference in size….so some small shirts will fit me great in a certain brand- and in others, I wear large….don’t let it bother you!  Fit matters, not size.

2. Don’t go shopping at a thrift store, or to a garage sale with a super specific thing in mind…’s better to shop for more general things, and less frustrating that way!  So for example, being on the hunt for a gray v-neck is fine, but shopping for a gap dress in coral size 6 might be a bit much!

3. TRY things on……you simply can’t look at something on the hangar and know if it’s gonna be cute or not- so even if you are really not sure- try it on anyway!  Some of my favorite clothes are ones that I had to think twice about even trying on- but I am glad that I did!

4. Don’t buy it unless you love it.  I have bought a lot of clothes in my lifetime that I just bought cause it was a good deal instead of really loving it.  My older sister told me once to only buy something if it was something that you wanted to wear out of the store you liked it so much!  I think that’s a good policy!

5. And lastly- shop with friends…..or sisters- it’s way better that way!  My sisters are great to shop with as we can laugh when we try on ridiculous things, or try on something too small and need help getting it off, and that we can be honest with eachother when things look good…..or look BAD!  

Anyways- we just love thrift store shopping, so if you decide to give it a try- here are a couple things to get you started! Happy Thrifting!



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