menu planning:


If I want to have any chance of trying the yummy recipes that I find on pinterest or blogs that I read- [check out the delicious recipes on The Perplexing Palate] I am going to have to be an organized lady and PLAN what I want to make for dinner in advance so that I can be prepared with ingredients that I may not already have.


I actually have loved writing up a menu for each week and having at least something to go off of. (okay, I just love writing any kinda list :)  I have stuck pretty closely to these so far, but if we get backlogged on leftovers, we will use some of those up and scoot that nights meal to next week’s menu.
Anywhere we live after here will probably have a grocery store, so I will hopefully be ahead of the game in planning and having what I need on hand.
It has been so fun to cook for Adam and to have someone to share meals with.  I love talking, eating, going over the day with him, and having that special time together.  Cooking for myself wasn’t nearly so joyful.
Also, I have never had a kitchen before fully stocked with pans, dishes, utensils and small appliances…..and thanks to so many generous people who helped us start up life together for our wedding- I have that now, and am LOVING it!

Any tips for planning meals or new recipe ideas?