About the Author


my name is Amy.
I currently am living in the bush of Alaska, and am recently engaged to my best friend.
Life is full of wedding planning and the like.
I love Jesus with all my heart, and desire to serve Him with my life.
I love writing about life, adventures, what I am learning, new thoughts and ideas, and things that I am passionate about.

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I am… always learning new things. and desiring to grow and be challenged
I want… to live everyday for the glory of Christ
I have… the best family in the world. so thankful for them
I wish…I had a beautiful singing voice
I hate… animated movies. green olives. and sushi
 I fear…regrets
I hear… music. I love it.  the only genre I can’t stand (I mean can’t) is country
I search…my heart to be thankful everyday
I wonder…when Jesus will come back
I regret… not showing Christ’s love to people I could have
I love…my fiance!, family. my friends. coffee. shopping at thrift stores. making cookies. and eating them. o and Christmas. definitely Christmas
I ache…for souls that are lost in the world. people that don’t know Jesus
I always…journal.  it is the best way for me to debrief my life. to process. and to document
I usually…enjoy cleaning
I am not…fearless. I am scared of lots of stuff. definitely not a daredevil- in fact sometimes I don’t even enjoy things that are perfectly safe
I dance…yeah. I can’t dance
I sing…a lot by myself. and really can’t sing in front of others
I never…want to simply watch life pass me by. everyday there are lessons to be learned and joy to be found.
I cry…regularly. i think it’s good to just cry like once a week or so. and any time the occasion calls for it
 I am not always…the best listener. i can be. but sometimes I find myself just wanting to talk. i hate that
I lose…things. no i don’t. i can’t stand losing stuff. and it rarely happens to me.
I am confused…by time zones. technology. watching football
I need…sunshine. family. friends. coffee. good books. okay really the only thing. Jesus.
I should…go to Europe someday

One thought on “About the Author

  1. Interesting Life Amy. Looking for the words in a search of ‘Christ is my sufficiency,’ your site popped up. How I wish I could be doing what you are. I did so for a decade serving my parents in their end of life times of need. Lost Dad in 2007 and now taking care or sharing a home with my mother. For a man who does everything for everybody I’m sidelined by illness now. I hope not for long. Listening to Charles Stanley on ‘Adversity’ the phrase spoke to me (Christ is my sufficiency). Its obvious he is of your life as well.

    I am a writer these days trying to break into Christian Fiction. Read a book the past two days of a fellow author and its either a God thing or a fun coincidence but your face and photos resemble that character, set in 1888. Ellie O’Brien. Suspect if Ellie had lived today she’d be touching lives as you are. Enjoyed looking at your photos and reading of your service and adventure. May God bless you and all you touch.


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