Little House in Alaska


It has been so fun to get settled into our little home here in Alaska!
Fun memories for sure of our first place together!
Last week when we arrived in Port Alsworth- all our stuff came at the same time- household things, groceries, and gifts we had received for our wedding.  It was a huge blessing to have it all here at the same time- but a BIG job to put it all away…and to store months worth of food, toilet paper, and other necessities in a tiny little apartment.  But, we conquered- and almost everything is put away and out of sight!
We love our little place, and are so thankful for a warm place to live and to call home!
This is a little mini tour of our new little house!  (okay…so there might be a lot of photos- sorry!)

The outside of our place!

The outside of our place!

The kitchen-

The kitchen-






Overall, it is great space for us to use- and totally meets our needs.  I am so happy to have all my stuff in one place again!  It’s a good feeling.  And sharing a home with Adam is the best!
Yesterday we celebrated my 22nd birthday- and it was a good reminder of how faithful the Lord has been in my life and in Adam and I’s relationship.  So good to be married and celebrating together!

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6 thoughts on “Little House in Alaska

  1. dana

    Okay, I LOVE your new place! So cozy but with such cool accent pieces! I love all the wood on the ceiling! I love the bags over the headboard! I LOVE that framed picture of the African woman! HA!! Your place is about as big as the first apartment Daniel and I had! haha! Love it all, Amy :)
    love, Dana

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