The Hodgdon’s :)


Life can change real quick, that’s for sure!
When I blogged last, I was a single woman, in Nebraska……And now- married for over 2 weeks and settled into our new home in Alaska!  

I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do about all the new things in the last few weeks- so I will hit the highlights with some photos, and call it good till next time!  
We had a lovely wintery wedding day- which unfortunately kept a few people from coming due to bad weather…..but it really was a pretty day (okay, pretty blizzardy, but still).  Everything went really great, and it was for sure a special day.  It was an intimate wedding…short, sweet, and to the point with a lot of our family and friends there to celebrate!  I will say, we felt very loved!  Having people come out to a wedding, even having to drive a long ways, or fly to come just to be there is really special!  Saying our vows meant a lot to us, and having people we care about there to witness it was so special!  
Highlights: wearing my dress that I totally loved. having my dad walk me down the aisle to a beautiful piano song by enya. letting adam see me in my dress for the first time when i was walking down the aisle. having four beautiful bridesmaids stand up with me.  having adam’s dad marry us.  my brother david playing “cornerstone” by hillsong while we took communion.  finishing the ceremony and realizing we are MARRIED!  celebrating over coffee and punch with all our guests. 
What a special celebration of commitment!  



Ryan, Sarah, Amy, Adam  :)  Happy couples!




With my sweet niece Lydia!  




With my three sisters!



With my friend Emily!


Adam and I were sitting on our couch a couple days ago, in our little house here in Alaska, and reading back through old texts and journal entries from when we first began our story….a year and a half ago.  I definitely cried, seeing how God showed us grace through the hard and unsure times in our relationship to bring us to where we are now……The Hodgdon’s  :)  Couldn’t be happier :)


One thought on “The Hodgdon’s :)

  1. Ah, I’m so very happy for you two Amy! We really wish we could have come. I love seeing the photos!

    My email is christopherdotnhdotcambellatgmaildotcom. Can I get your guys’ address so we can send you a wedding present?

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