~From Sister Jenny


This is Amy’s little sister, Jenny, here! Amy dearest is on her honeymoon and has requested that I keep her blog alive while she is away. I took her up on this with no problem:)

Amy’s wedding was seriously beautiful. But I’m sure when she is back in blogging mode she will give you a wonderful description of it–so I won’t steal her thunder:)

PicMonkey Collage

I am so thankful that Amy came home a month before her wedding so that we could have some sister time together before she moved away to the far off lands of Alaska! It was so much fun to get to hang out–doing our hair and makeup together, sharing clothes, drinking coffee, and watching girl movies together. Amy really is such a great sister–and friend! I am going to miss having her around, but I am so excited for her new adventures to start in Alaska with her awesome new husband Adam! They are precious together:)

Anyways, I know this isn’t my blog–but thanks for reading anyways:)

I have a blog here if you want to check it out!

Good night all!


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