Christmas, Counting Down, and a Brand New Year


These past few weeks have been busy, busy it seems- and blogging has slipped from its spot on the priority list to make room for some other more important things at this time of life- like FAMILY, and WEDDING, and ADAM!  :)
I am stealing a bit of time on this snowy morning before the wedding weekend begins tomorrow and we start the daunting task of packing today. (the more I pack, I think the worse I get! :(


2013 has ended- and 2014 has begun!  This will be a year FILLED with changes for me and my man!
Marriage, here we come in just 3 days!
Moving to Alaska following our honeymoon…..Lots of adjustments coming up and new things.  But, so happy to be making those changes following a God who is gracious and good, and with Adam, whom I love!
You never quite know what each new year will hold…..I spent this last new year- ringing in 2013 in the middle of Africa!
Adam and I went for dinner with friends last night and spent a bit of time sharing things that we have learned this year….I hadn’t thought about it much at that point, but I think verbalizing it helped me really see how precious what I have learned has been.  I said the thing that has made the biggest impact on my heart this year is that God is Sure.  Through the good, the bad, the hard, the easy times….God is there, He is good, He’s in control, He cares, and He is a Firm Foundation.

For 2014 I made a column list of Less and More as my New Year’s Resolutions……writing down things that I want less of in my life (struggles that I have), and things I want more of in my life (things I want to strive towards).
Ultimately- building my life….and soon my married life with Adam on Christ as our Cornerstone!
One of my very favorite songs recently has been “Jesus Firm Foundation”  – He is the only One to build our life on!

Backtracking a bit- I have to share some photos of Christmas with my family:


Making Peanut Butter Balls!  :)  This is a Christmas tradition- and they are delicious!  Glad to have been home to do it this year with Kevin and Jenny!


My handsome Fiance and I on Christmas!  LOVED having here with my family to get to know everyone better, and to celebrate Christ’s birth with us!


It was SO fun to have David, Tricia, and my nephew Brayden with us this year….little kids always make Christmas more fun!


Christmas tradition- we take turns opening presents- and if you are opening them- you have to wear the santa hat!


It was a sweet time with family….and we felt really blessed this Christmas!

Now- wedding time!  This again will be the last post for a while with everything going on- but I am excited to share our wedding story on the blog in a couple weeks!  God is so good, and we are so thankful to be beginning this new stage of life in a few days!



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