I was thinking today of the many places I have been able to travel this year, and about the impact each of them have had on my life.  So many adventures, and lots of travel.  I am so thankful for that season of life in 2013….and looking forward to a year of staying put in 2014!



Nileboat                                 Uganda-

rwandascene2                                  Rwanda-

amylondon                                London-

DSCN2975                               The Grand Canyon, AZ-

DSCN2990                                Port Alsworth, Alaska-

IMG_0682                                Ogallala, NE-

In each of these vastly different places in the world….I learned things, I was challenged with things, and I have good memories of things that God did in my life.
Loved having these milestones in my life, and these different seasons.  Some were sweet, some were scary, some were hard, and others were pure joy.  That’s life, and it’s so nice to be able to look back and see how faithful the Lord has been.  I pray that as you look back on the different chapters and seasons of your life in 2013….you are able to draw hope from where God has brought you, and the path He has lead you on.  I am anxious and hopeful to serve Him better, and to KNOW Him better in 2014.  If I make no other resolution than that…..I want to know Christ.







One thought on “Places

  1. Great pictures, and a great sentiment – one of the things I love most about adventures is how sweet it is to come home at the end. The food tastes better, the warmth is cozier, everything!

    I also wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award.

    I just learned that this existed a few days ago when I was nominated, but the gist is this: you accept the award by posting that you were nominated, then answering some questions about yourself, and listing out ten blogs that you would like to nominate as awesome. I name you here:

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