I don’t know what book this is from, but I think it is powerful.  An awareness of the grace of God in our lives is so crucial to knowing our identity, and to the way that we treat others.

“Though I am flawed, I am cherished.”

I have often thought of insecurities in my life…things that I am sensitive about, that really, they are crippling.  It seems like getting caught up in things that are hard for you to accept about yourself will totally stop you in your tracks.  It’s an easy rut to get stuck in.

Truth is….we are flawed, we are not perfect- but we were created in the image of a perfect God.

At church this week- someone said….”I don’t think we really understand grace”.  I think that is true….as much as I want to, I am not sure I can truly wrap my head around the grace that God has for me.

Shame says….You are not enough. You don’t quite match up. You will never get there.

Grace says…..You are my child.  You are loved.  I have redeemed you.  You are created by me, and cherished by me.

All too often- I get caught up in selfishness, focusing on me, on my attributes, or my faults.
Focusing on the Lord is really the right step.  He is enough!  He is perfect, and holy, and able. He is always, He is love, He is grace.  He is on our side, He is above our thoughts and our hopes.  He is victorious, He is more than I can imagine.
There are a couple of ways to think about it….. am cherished……or HE cherishes me.

Both are awesome….knowing that amongst everyone on the whole earth….God personally loves and cares about ME!  But also- the God of the whole world, creator, keeper, redeemer……cherishes me.

I hope today you can feel encouraged- knowing that you are valued and loved by the One who created you!


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