Sister Post- Pinterest Success



I have been thinking about lately what an enormous time waster Pinterest is…….IF you don’t actually put it into practice and use it as a resource.  I admit that at times, it’s tempting for me to sit on pinterest looking at cute outfits, fun crafts, or photos of places I would like to visit.  I don’t know about any of you…..but all that really does for me is to create a sense of greed…like the clothes I have now, or how I am currently decorating my home is not good enough.

I think though, that in this day in age- we have an incredible RESOURCE in the internet, if we use it properly.  To look on pinterest for a recipe, a workout routine, an outfit idea, or a craft project- and to actually DO it… very productive I think!
Pinterest is also a great place to store ideas……so I am definitely not against it, I am just advocating DOING what you find on pinterest!
Jenny and I decided to share something that we saw on pinterest and decided to DO- and we’ll show you how it turned out! Check out her successes over on her blog!

Since I am about to be a married woman…I couldn’t very well run a household without an apron, now could I?  So, I decided to recycle a skirt I bought this summer for .50 cents and never wore (actually a nice, really cute skirt, originally from Target…but I just didn’t really like it as a skirt), and make it into an apron!

I got the general instructions from a site from Pinterest…..but kind of had to make a bit of it up on my own…I just cut the zipper in the back down the middle and layed the skirt out flat.


Then I just decided the shape-hemmed the sides, and sewed on ties that I made from fabric I cut of the sides……and there it is!


I really like the way it turned out!

Also, take my lovely Mom for example……she saw a cute Christmas craft on Pinterest, and recreated it for our house!  Love the way it turned out!




So, next time you’re on pinterest- pick something- and actually TRY it!  Hope it turns out awesome!


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