‘Tis the season!


Thanksgiving is past….November is over….and the Christmas season is here!  :)

Although Thanksgiving was a fair bit different than we intended this year- it was a nice day, and we still have LOTS to be thankful for!
I have to admit- if I were dying tomorrow, and had to ask for one last thing to eat- I think it would be Thanksgiving food.  It is truly the best!  My mom is a fantastic cook and made all the yummies.  Jenny and I just had the responsibility of making a tummy-friendly pumpkin pie…which turned out delicious!
The last Thanksgiving I had at home was 5 years ago when I was 16…..after that I was in Maine for Thanksgiving, then Wisconsin, then Tennessee, then Uganda!  So, it was nice to be home again.


Just the two of us at home!  But- we still manage to have a good time!

IMG_2426                                 The yummy pie we made!  It was all gone by Friday evening….

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset                               Thanksgiving Day 2013

DSCN3223                               This is the cake I made for Jenny’s 17th Birthday- she loved it!
Although I copied it from a photo on pinterest….I think it turned
out pretty good!


Christmas is HERE!  :)  Loved putting the Michael Buble Holiday
station on full blast, drinking hot apple cider, dancing around wearing
our santa hats….and decorating the Christmas tree!

amyjennylove                                Today Jenny and I went for a photo walk- cause it was beautiful
outside- and we needed to take some impromptu senior photos for
her.  I for one am totally fine with this December weather- but snow for
Christmas would be lovely!

I hope this Holiday season is a joyous time for everyone….and that you will be encouraged with God’s grace in sending His Son for us to forever change the world.


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