Worth it all


One of my favorite songs recently has been “The Cost” by Rend Collective Experiment.  It is a song that basically says of the Christian’s life….that we have counted the cost- and HE is worth it all.

A couple of weeks ago at church- we recognized the National Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.  We are so blessed here in the United States as far as our freedoms in religion.  We all too often take them for granted.  Going to church, and meeting publicly for prayer and worship is something we are not as thankful for as we should be.

Watching the videos that were telling stories of the persecuted church around the world was a good challenge to me…..would my soul be able to sing loud and clear that Christ is worth it all in the midst of a culture that was hostile towards Christianity?  Would I be bold enough to love Him and proclaim Him when my family, and my friends were not?  Am I bold in that even now?

He IS worth it all……and even though we are not in situations where we are being physically persecuted everyday- I think our lives can proclaim that we believe that Jesus is everything, that if we lose everything else and only have Christ….that is enough.  Good thoughts for my heart I know….
As I was reading in 1 Peter this morning….I loved this verse that is posted at the top- we were redeemed with the PRECIOUS blood of Christ.  A perfect sacrifice.  God’s grace is incredible, and I am so thankful! It goes on in the chapter to say that He was chosen before the creation of the world….God knew we would sin, but created us anyways!

He is worth it all, and I hope that my hear learns that more each day.


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