Wyoming Adventures:



My baby sister and I just got back from a weekend trip to visit my younger sister and her husband in the great state of Wyoming!  

It surely is a long drive in such a desolate state…..But plenty of bathroom breaks…..good music, and Jenny’s crazy stories can make any road trip pleasant!  

We shopped till we dropped at the local thrift stores, worked on wedding decorations, SANG, (All of my sisters and I are super good spontaneous song writers……trust me), laughed and took silly photos, made the ladies at the bridal store LOVE us, etc.  
It was really fun to be able to go and see them- and a big encouragement to know that your family is doing well, continuing to love Jesus, and to love each other.  
Sarah was an excellent host and made us delicious food and coffee!  
Here are a few photos from the weekend!










On the road




3 of us Bishop Girls together…..




My best thrifting deal was finding brand new Rocket Dog moccasins for $3.75 at a local shop….then finding out that November 15th- the day I bought them…is National Moccasin Day!   Perfect.



Jenny got to try Frozen Yoghurt for the first time!  




We went and played Scrabble at the coffee shop….and ashamedly- Ryan beat all of us!




It was so fun to be together and to catch up!




The Flamings!  :)

Hope that all of you had a great weekend and were able to relax and rejuvenate!  :)  


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