Marriage Planning



After getting engaged- obviously the next thing really is….beginning to plan and organize a wedding!  It probably will be one the most important days of my life- and I really do want to take time, care, and thought into planning how to make it special and romantic, and a good memory.  

I have found that planning has at times felt frustrating with the culture we live in.  The emphasis is putting on a day that is breathtaking, looks amazing, has amazing food, etc.  I am an opinionated person….so knowing what I want comes pretty easily….but I am also not the kind of girl who has been planning her wedding since I was 10. 

In the midst of planning for a wedding….I want our focus to more so be on planning for our marriage, and having the wedding be simply a day to celebrate that.  I mean it’s pretty incredible- 2 people finding each other and choosing to spend the REST of their lives together… weddings are awesome!  

There have definitely been things so far that I have really enjoyed doing and planning for the wedding.  Having people that we love and respect and care about to share the day with us will for sure be the highlight.

 We have LOVED hearing from so many people about the beauty of marriage and what a blessing it has been to them!  Since we are not in the same state right now, and won’t be really until close to the wedding- we made an effort to sit down with a few couples we knew in Alaska and to ask them for advice and counsel on marriage, on just starting out, on working together, etc.  It was so good to hear from them and to put ourselves in a place of learning about what other couples have experienced in marriage, struggled with, and learned through it.  

We are so excited for this stage of life- and when sometimes it seems overwhelming to not just be planning a wedding, but a huge move, travel plans, getting married in a city I don’t live in, etc……It’s good to remember that the goal is getting married, and no matter how all the little details turn out…’s gonna be beautiful!  
And- I have an awesome baby sister (and Bridesmaid!) who bought me a 1 lb bag of Double Bubble Gum…..just in case there should be any stressful moments during this planning……



We haven’t been stressed yet….but we’ve maybe eaten half the bag!  :)  


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