We Have SO Much.


We have SO much.  I love November, and the time leading up to Thanksgiving…..for the food, the good company, the crisp days…..but also as a sweet way to remember thankfulness!  It’s a beautiful thing to remind yourself of all the good things that you have in your life, and to be truly grateful for them.
Today is the 11th…..so I thought I would list 11 things I have to be thankful for!  Feel free to do the same in the comments if you want!

  1. Thankful that I will get to see my FIANCE in just about a month and a half and we are getting married SO soon!IMG_2068
  2. Thankful for people who have shared in the excitement of our upcoming marriage…and encouraged us about marriage and what a blessing it is.  It’s great to hear from godly people that we respect and admire about how marriage has been awesome and how they are excited for us in this stage of life!
  3. Family.  It’s good to be home again for a while and to be able to catch up with everybody for a while.  I am definitely looking forward to hopefully having all of us together for the wedding!
  4. Thankful for all the people who have served our country faithfully, and made it possible for us to keep our freedoms.
  5. Good health.  Something I all to often take for granted….but am so thankful for!  I have definitely been blessed with good health and the ability to be active and to play lots, and am so glad for that!IMG_2058 IMG_2024
  6. A year of adventures!  I am so thankful for all the different things I have been able to do and experience this year!  Lots of new things, new places, new people, etc.  It’s been full, and good!
  7. Thankful to be back on the road system for a while! It is nice to have a grocery store handy, a place to look for wedding dresses and craft supplies, the library, getting my coffee shop fix, and to stock up on some cute clothes from the thrift store!
  8. A sweet time of wedding dress shopping with my mom this weekend!
  9. A hardworking man in my life who is getting our little apartment ready for us when we move back to Alaska after getting married!
  10. A sister to do hair and makeup with and to spend some good quality girl time.IMG_2035
  11. All my nieces and nephews, and the godly parents that they have.  I am really proud of each of them, and wish I could spend more time with them!

We are blessed with PLENTY…..and should always remember that!


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