The Hair Project


A few weeks ago- my sister Sarah called me and told me she was going to start a new “natural hair washing” technique.
She seemed really excited about you….so my younger sister and I decided to join in on it.

We read a really convincing article about how using shampoo and conditioner is really bad for your hair and strips it of its natural oils. There is a link to it here which explains more of the reasoning.  But- being easily swayed by things that make it sound like it’s going to make your hair BEAUTIFUL….we decided to do it!  Also- I LOVE home remedies- and anything from my pantry that I can use in my beauty routine, I am all for!

My sisters and I decided to do it for a month….and I think at least I will keep doing it longer!

What you will need if you want to try it also:

  • Baking soda- I just put a bunch of it in a tupperware in the shower
  • White or apple cider vinegar- I just mixed some in a small spray bottle with water

It’s good to wash it like every other day starting out, and then begin to space the days out in between washes.  I have been doing mine once, or maybe twice a week now….and it’s working great!

I usually just put about a tablespoon of the baking soda onto my hands and rub it into my wet hair….focusing on my scalp.  Then I scrub it in really good and let it sit for a bit.  Then wash it out, and spray on the vinegar, also letting it sit.

I thought that the vinegar might make my hair smell, but it doesn’t at all!
So far I have really liked the results of doing it!  Much less maintenance on my hair.  I usually just get it wet at night if it’s not the day to wash it…..and just fix my bangs in the morning!
It has definitely made my hair feel less frizzy, which I like.

The only bad thing I would say, is that I really miss the washing routine of nice smelling shampoo.  But, give and take!
So far the overall consensus is that we like the method and it’s done good things for our hair.


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