Building Community:


Lately it seems like I have constantly been challenged with the idea that we are not meant to do life alone.
Living life in community, along with other people is such a healthy thing.  Sometimes in life that community is hard to come by. Hard to find people you connect with in a deep way and that you are challenged by.  When is does happen though, it’s amazing!
I have been really blessed with community in almost everywhere that I have lived- even though it has always looked different, God has been really faithful to provide awesome people to build deep relationships with.
I think in the past, it’s been easy for me to take for granted the community of people I have been blessed with, but deep down, I am SO thankful for them!

Amanda- someone who I was really blessed by while living in Africa- wrote on her blog today about loving, thanking, appreciating, and encouraging people who have impacted you!

It was a great reminder that if you have had the chance to be in community that was special to you, or to build friendships with people who impacted you- tell them!

I think especially as people who love Jesus, God made us to do that journey together!  Having people around you, who prioritize loving the Lord and knowing Him better is such an inspiration to do the same in your own life.

Take some time today to be THANKFUL for people in your life, and to thank them for their role in your journey.


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