Slowing Down:



How often in life am I reminded to just slow down, be present, enjoy life now, etc.  
Even as a little girl, specifically in school, and craft projects….my mom would tell me a lot just to SLOW DOWN.  

It’s so easy to start looking at the future and to want to skip the stage of life that you are in now, instead of enjoying it for what it is.  Yesterday I went to church here in Oregon with my friends, and was challenged with a quote that said “How many of your best intentions are not followed through because of hurry or busyness?” 
I thought that was really true, and a good thing to think about.  There are many areas of life that this can apply to, and I think I have a lot to learn in this area.

  • In Relationships: It’s hard at times to just be patient, to get to know people, and to make time for just talking, listening, and spending quality time with people.  When I am with people- I know that I need to stop thinking of what’s next, and just enjoy the current conversation, event, or whatever. 
  • In Circumstances: How easy it is to look at the stage of life you are in…..and long for the next.  You are dating- well, you wish you were engaged, then, you want to be married, after that, kids, and on and on.  Working on being present in situations may be something I always have to work on….but it’s a good thing to keep in mind I think.  There is a ton to be learned from every stage….and I know I have some regrets about past times in my life when I was just wanting to rush through a stage to get to the next.  

Enjoy life today- the people you are with- and the stage you are in, you may never have it back!


2 thoughts on “Slowing Down:

  1. Kristin

    I think this is so funny, Amy. We have had two very similar posts in a row– my last post was about stages and how we feel stuck in ours and wish we could go forward. Must be on the same writing wavelength!

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