The Name Change

I first started blogging in 2008- and I have used this blog since then as my platform to share my life experiences, things I have been challenged by, fun stories, etc.  As I have blogged for the past 5 years…..I think I have enjoyed it more and hopefully gotten better at it every year.  
It’s probably my second favorite hobby, which goes right along with my first favorite- journaling!  
For a while now, I have wanted to change the name of my blog to be something that could encompass more and different kinds of posts besides just life updates.  Life is a process, an adventure, and there is so very much to be learned along the way. I am so thankful for all the people in my life that have been a part of that process for me!  I hope you will all continue to read along on here!  
The posts probably won’t change too much, except probably more frequent and maybe trying out some new things as I look to expand a bit. 
This name is a bit of a spinoff from the phrase “Easy does it” which means to “make effort to be careful or cautious”……Therefore- the title “Lovely Does It” basically means “make effort to be imaginative and creative, etc”  
I hope you will enjoy some of the new changes within the blog that will be coming up.  



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