goals and such- 4 things before 2014


Who says that goals can only be at the beginning of the new year??
I think goals are such a healthy way to encourage and motivate yourself to work towards something.  I feel like I usually always have mental goals….things that I feel like are goals in my mind- but it’s oh so much better to WRITE them down….and hold yourself accountable to them!
This 4 before 2014 was from A Beautiful Mess….one the of the blogs I especially enjoy reading.
So- I will share my goals for the next couple of months,
And- I hope it inspires you to make a list of your own!
Feel free to share your goals in the comments, and I would LOVE to hear what you are planning on!



1. BE ORGANIZED IN MOVING: To be honest, moving, packing, having my stuff spread out amongst different states….all of that, is stressful to me!  A bit of organization goes a long way I know- and I want to be as organized as I can in the process.  Labeling, good packing, and no procrastinating.

2. DRINK MORE WATER: I always feel WAY better when I drink a lot of water!  But, when it’s cold out, I especially forget to drink as much as I should….so kind of trivial, but then again, feeling good isn’t so trivial.

3. CONTINUE WASHING MY HAIR NATURALLY: I will post more on this another day, but a couple of my sisters and I have been doing a new hair washing method that eliminates using shampoo and conditioner. We vowed to do it for a month, and I think I will keep on doing it!  My hair is EASY, and this method only made it easier!  Less frizz, more moisture….and no grease, cause that is gross!

4. DOCUMENT WELL, AND ENJOY THE WEDDING PLANNING PROCESS: Next up in wedding planning….wedding dress shopping!  Getting to some fun things….and I just want to savor those special memories!  And, I definitely want to keep up on my journaling as an engaged woman!  :)

There you have it!  4 Before 2014


4 thoughts on “goals and such- 4 things before 2014

  1. claire

    ok, I’ll try to take you up on this with just one goal, but it will require the PATIENT assistance of my daughters. How ’bout I learn to use the camera and how to put pictures on the computer. It’s only been my goal for 2-3 years now. Are you game? love you, momxxx

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