Dear Alaska



Dear Alaska,

I am leaving here in 3 days…..and sad that I wasn’t here to welcome the first snow of the season!
When I come back, please don’t be TOO cold.
I have already had to learn to wear hats, and that sometimes, just sometimes…..being warm is better than looking cute.  :)
I have LOVED the calm, yet majestic scenery that God has blessed you with.
You are one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in!
Thanks for all the awesome sunsets, surprisingly warm days, sudden rain showers, and beautiful stars.

I have appreciated the quiet more than I thought I would…..and although I still miss the hustle and bustle of the city- there is something charming about being far removed from that.
Bears, thank you for not attacking me…..but letting me look at you from far away.  Let’s always keep it that way!

Thanks for all the LONG days this summer and the lovely light at 11pm.  Then again- thanks for making sunrise runs so relaxed! (don’t have to even get up till 9:30!)

It has been an adventure……and as I look forward to coming back in just a couple of months as a married woman!!!, I am excited to learn more about this place and to call it my home for a while.
Bye for now,

These are some of my favorite scenery photos from this summer....

These are some of my favorite scenery photos from this summer….


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