A Soft Heart:

Having a soft heart makes things hurt deeply.
I have always had a compassionate heart, often taking on burdens that are not mine to bear, and being deeply touched by things in other people’s lives.
While I am by no means always as compassionate as I should be- I found myself the other night at the end of a movie just weeping…..
It had been a culmination of things on my heart and in my mind.  I hate our world and the way that people treat each other.
I read an article that people had posted to Facebook the other day about a series of heart wrenching incidents where mothers had abandoned their babies after they were born, or flushed them down toilets, or threw them in the garbage.  I can’t even explain how much that hurts my heart!
I have always had a strong maternal instinct….I remember getting mad at my little sisters for not properly taking care of their baby-dolls.  I thought they were horrible mothers.  :)
I am glad I have a man to remind me of things and to help me put them into perspective a bit.  As I was weeping over the cruelty of our world, he just held me and said “Amy, I love how God made you….He gave you this heart, and I love it.  See how sad this makes you right now….imagine how God feels about our world of sin?”
So true.  I am just some random girl, not involved with these incidents….who read an article on the internet.  But God created those mothers, and those babies, and saw the whole event, and must have cried when His child who was made in His image was cast aside like a piece of garbage…..
As easy as it might be to harden our hearts and not want to feel the grief that these things should bring to our hearts- I think God wants us to feel that compassion and that heartbreak over situations like this.  And- I am not questioning God in this.  Those are His babies and His heart must break every time he sees these things happen…….He is gracious and just, and I know that He has a plan and will make all things right.

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