Sister Post-Fall Faves!


Hey There!

So, it’s been a while since me and my lovely sister have done a post together- now that we are back in our good fall time routines- we decided to do another one on our Favorite things about fall!  Check Jenny’s out over on her blog

Fall is such a good time of year, as I have already stated in basically all of my blogs since it has been even remotely close to fall! 
While I was in Africa- I really missed the changing of seasons…..I think that is a blessing that we get to experience here in our climate.  There are fun events and traditions for each time of year it seems…and fall time is one of the best!
So here are a few of my favorites:

  • yummy foods: pumpkin lattes, pumpkin spices, cinnamon on everything!  Yesterday I made some delicious maple cinnamon granola- which turned out quite nicely, and made the house smell amazing!  
  • Candles and coziness…..wool socks, scarves, and yes- boots…..
  • A new found joy in coffee drinking: When I was in Africa- me and my girlfriends there would talk about how we WISH it would be cold, or at least cool in the morning to drink our coffee…..waking up and having it already be hot was gross! I think I might have drank my coffee in front of a fan a few times!
  • Fall scenery is gorgeous…..just look back on my last several posts and you will see!  It’s SO pretty here!
  • Routine:  When I was in school, I loved fall after summer being a time to get back into a schedule, to get organized, and to feel really motivated- it was like magic. It isn’t quite the same feeling anymore, since I am not jumping back into classes, but still- I love it.  To-do lists write themselves, and my thoughts and ideas seem to be stronger.  


I will probably ALWAYS look forward to this time of year! :)



Hope you all are enjoying it as much as Jenny and I are!  


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