the good stuff.

A while ago- I bought some coffee….and honestly was a bit astounded at the price of coffee- so I ended up buying Wal-Mart brand because it was cheaper.
I drank it for a while, but sometimes felt like I was just not enjoying it like I should. I felt like it had such a bitter taste.  Ehh…gross.  I was getting about half way done with the bag, so I bought another one when I was in town.  This time- Starbucks medium roast……I felt like I was torturing myself finishing the other one- so I switched to Starbucks!  Definitely against my nature….because even if I start reading a book and don’t love it….I feel like I HAVE to finish. 
Sometimes- I am not sure it’s worth it!  
And especially when it comes to coffee- you need the good stuff!  :)
A few other GOOD things:
-yummy tacos for dinner last night (o how i love mexican food)
-fun night with friends eating snacks and playing jungle speed!
-starting a new book…”Forgotten God” by Francis Chan
And- on a more serious, and meaningful note than coffee…..I have been reading in Proverbs a bit recently….coinciding the day of the month with the chapter…..and as I was reading last week- I was struck with all these specific characteristics that GOD admires and tells us to strive for!  Humility, Wisdom, Generosity, Patience, Kindness.  Definitely things that are really important- and that I know I for sure could use more of!
Specifically the generosity one came to mind for me…..I can be generous in certain ways and very free with certain things- but other things I find myself holding onto tightly and not wanting to share.  Going along with this thought, I was also reading in 1 Timothy chapter 6….and it says in 6-8
“But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that.”
Humbling thoughts right there….truth is- we have SO much more than food and clothing….we have PLENTY of food, and lots of clothes, technology, entertainment, cars, etc…..and we are not even content with those things.  Reminded that eternal perspective is everything.  Came with nothing, and leaving with nothing….always good to keep in mind.  It’s easy for me to become jealous of the things that other people have….But being content with what God has given us is exactly what I want. We are abundantly blessed!  Adam is faithful to remind me to be thankful for the things we have, and I always appreciate him doing that.  Let’s all seek to store up treasures in heaven, things that will really last!



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