Life in the Bush


This week it is my mission to be a super planner for groceries and meals for Adam and I after we get married and move back here…since living out here it isn’t quite as easy to run to the grocery store as other places.

In case there are those of you who don’t know- we live in the bush in Alaska…not IN A bush :)….but in a village that is off of the road system and that can only be accessed to by plane. There are not currently any stores in Port Alsworth….so all those things that you may find yourself needing….eggs, milk, toilet paper, toothpicks, syrup :), etc….you have to either pick up while you are in town (otherwise known as Anchorage), or send an order of groceries to be flown out on the flights coming to and from Anchorage.
Anywho- didn’t know there were places even like that anymore?? yep. me neither. No, I’m kidding, but seriously- it is sure different- and although I really do miss the library, coffee shops, thrift stores, and a few other things…..there is beauty in the quiet and the stillness out here.  The community here is a really neat place- and I am excited about our future of being here for a little while!  When we went into Anchorage a few weeks ago- there was a huge difference- almost culture shock..switching from the quiet calm scenery out here to the noisy, busy city.
Since learning to cook real meals for us will be a learning curve for me- I want to be as prepared and organized as I can be to do.  While you’re single it’s easy to unfortunately live off of granola bars, cereal, and condiments…..but I am excited about expanding my cooking skills!  My mom is such a good cook and I have her to look up to in that.  She always makes meals that are not only nutritious and delicious, but also complete, and looking nice as well!  I hope that I can do that as well!
Adam has been living like a bachelor on ramen, canned chili and burgers for a while now… I am sure whatever I cook will be a welcome change!  :)

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