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Today is a perfectly brisk- but not too cold day here in Port Alsworth.  I tell you…the views here are amazing- and I feel as if I am always in awe of God’s creativity and sovereignty in this beautiful place.


I finished my job at the lodge on Monday- and have the next few weeks here in Alaska to just relax, to spend time with Adam, and to work on wedding plans.
I finished my journal today and will start on my next one!  Love looking back on the things that I have gone through and experienced, and have been able to document through journaling!  :)
Over the weekend, a couple of sweet girls here took engagement photos for Adam and I!  We love the way they turned out!  Neither one of us absolutely love having our picture taken- we are more of the picture taking type….but we had a good time, LAUGHED a lot, and had fun reviewing all the blooper photos, and ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the cute ones!  :)
Went to a women’s biblestudy this week and was really thankful to be able to do that!  I love being in a group of women of varying ages and stages of life.  There is so much to be learned from people who have lived life a bit longer, or who have had different experiences in life.  We talked about living in grace- trusting God, and living lives that are real- not perfect.
When do expectations really meet reality- I mean, for real!!??  I don’t know if they do often for you guys….but I sure know that for this girl- it’s rare!
Take today for instance….
I envisioned getting up at a good time, going for a walk with Adam…making breakfast and spending the morning in pj’s drinking a whole pot of coffee, hiking this afternoon- and going to gym night at the school.
Let me just say- basically none of that happened!
I woke up with a random eye pain (I think it was just a deep set headache)…and ended up throwing up first thing in the morning!  Not a wonderful way to start the day….if you have read my blog for a while- you may know already how I feel about throwing up. Not awesome…..feels like death to me!
Anyways…I spent most of the day trying to decide how I felt…..praying I would not throw up again.  Adam ended up having to work a lot of the day….and yep.
But you know….just because expectations aren’t met- doesn’t mean it’s all bad.  I tend to be totally set on MY plan…and if it doesn’t happen, then I am not happy.  Learning to be flexible and go with things is something that has been a constant lesson for me.
We may not have done what I planned….but we talked, laughed, still drank coffee, got wedding stuff done, talked with my family a bit….and were lazy so I could listen to Matt Maher’s “Alive Again” cd basically all day on repeat. Basically all I could really ask for anyways.
Taking life as it comes.  Eh….it’s a process.
IMG_1658 IMG_1694

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