I am super thankful that God does not allow us to see the entire timeline of our life before we live it.
I know for sure I probably couldn’t have handled it…. or would have wanted to change it, or felt like it was too hard or crazy.
Taking it one day at a time is so much better.
God is good though and leads us well as we follow Him.
If I could catch a glimpse of my future 5 or 10 years from now- I am so curious where I would be and what life would look like then.
But, you know- I think I would rather not know.
Life changes quickly- and you never know what is around the next bend, on top of the next mountain, or in the next forest.
I just want to savor each day for what it is, and each season of life for how it is.  Days lead to adventures, and seasons lead to good stories.  Sometimes that is what things in life must be chalked up to- good stories, and that’s about all.



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