always and forever.



Seems like these days our world is idolizing love stories.  Romantic comedies, love songs, romance fiction, etc.  All of those things seemingly focusing on falling in love.  While there for sure is beauty in that….falling in love is always a fun story to hear, and us girls will probably always love that.  I just think that focusing on dating, getting engaged, and planning a wedding, isn’t really the whole story.  What about stories and movies and songs focused on committed relationships that have lasted for years….and are more than just a two-week crush, or a relationship simply based on physical attraction.

I think it’s awesome to hear stories of people meeting, falling in love, and getting married.  But even better to hear about that 15 or 20 or 30 years after they have been married and committed to one another!
While I admit to definitely enjoying watching romantic comedies….I feel like they are somewhat detrimental in causing us to focus on the wrong things in a relationship.
Seeing young couples in love….holding hands and laughing with one another is awesome.  Even better is seeing couples in their 70’s, who you know have been through tons together and still made it work, holding hands!
I am thankful for people in our lives to really look up to in this area and to hold us accountable to always working for a strong committed marriage!  I never wanna think our love story is over after the wedding- it’s just the beginning!  :)


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