talking about our problems

Ahh. Struck by this quote during the last week for sure. Just a good challenge to be intentional about my attitude.
It is SO much easier to get into the habit of being pessimistic, and to always to thinking about talking about things that are hard or frustrating, instead of being always aware of the things in your life that bring joy and excitement.
Here are just a few of my joys.

~My family. I love them SO much. Catching up with my parents and my brothers and sisters is always a good reminder of what a huge blessing it is that I had the privilege of being raised and loved in such an awesome family.

~My new family! I feel super blessed that I get to marry into such an awesome family! I am for sure thankful for them and excited to get to be apart of their family as well!

~Adventures. There is always something it seems. This past weekend I got to go into Anchorage with my sweetheart for a good time of just refreshment, shopping, drinking some Starbucks, and celebrating with friends at a wedding!

IMG_1566 IMG_1572 IMG_1578

~Beautiful scenery. It is an incredible blend of fall turning into winter here. I love it. The leaves are falling off the trees and there is snow on the mountain tops…..beautiful! The scenery is a bit overwhelming sometimes….like it’s so pretty that you feel like you just can’t quite take it all in. Pretty sure that’s a reflection of God’s character!

IMG_1548 IMG_1553

~Bears. I have seen 5 bears in the last 2 days! Living in Alaska now! :) We saw 4 on the plane ride back from Anchorage….and 1 today that was in town and that one of my friends shot.


~Sweet girls to work with. I am thankful for sweet co-workers, good conversations, laughing fits, and finding joy in new bottles of toilet bowl cleaner, pledge that smells awesome, our daily coffee time, and pretending like we are really hardcore wearing hip waders…..


~My man. I am so thankful for Adam….and feel happier each day that I get to marry him!



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