The First Day Of Fall:


Everyone….it’s fall now!
Now it’s officially okay to make everything that you possibly can [pumpkin flavored], to wear boots, to spend cozy days curled up in a blanket reading a book, and most importantly….to begin to just start thinking about listening to Christmas music! 
But seriously….I love this time of year, and love being able to call it officially fall!
Last year at this time- my whole family was together celebrating Sarah and Ryan getting married!  :)
Happy one year to them!

Also I was in preparation for going to Africa.  So much has happened in this last year of life…..lots of changes and exciting new things!


We were down on the beach the other night enjoying a fire and watching the sunset with friends…when a floatplane flew past.  Something that is unique to Alaska to see for sure!


At work this week we were busy harvesting the potato patch.  It was a good change of pace, and a fun project to work on.  There were a whole lot of potatoes!


Out enjoying the beautiful weather today with my handsome man!  We soaked in the sun, threw the football, and enjoyed good conversation!  :)



This week we got some important details figured out for our wedding.  That was good to get done and helpful in the rest of our planning.  Oh, and did we get the wedding countdown app……Oh yes we did!



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