Oh September:


For those of you who live in what people here in Alaska affectionately call, “the lower 48″….you are probably just getting into fall- having a few cool days here and there.  For us, we are far into fall!  It’s COLD here…..woke up to 35 degrees this morning…..burrrrrr!
The trees are starting to turn a bit and leaves are falling…..
September is for sure getting away from me……this month has flown by!

I have about 3 more weeks left at my job here in Alaska….and then- wedding planning will be my new occupation!  :)

Adam and I are for sure excited about this season of life, and about entering into a new stage and thinking about our future.  God is so good- and it’s crazy to think that when I met Adam 4 years ago as a 17 year old….accidentally falling asleep on his shoulder during a road trip- that God probably smiled, knowing that someday we would be married!  :)
Trusting God for our futures, and for someone to do life with was the best choice….I can’t imagine someone better for me that Adam.

When I was in Africa- and even in coming back to the States this summer….I was really struck with thinking how much God can use the family unit to change a culture or country.  I think that God made families in a way to be really impactful either for good or for bad.  We are excited to be entering into a relationship in which we will be focused on being an example to the world of Christ and the church through our marriage.

Here is a quick recap through photos of the last couple of weeks!

IMG_1371Lots of hot drinks is the way to go up here.  I am trying to enjoy tea more lately……and this kind was a hit!


This picture DOES NOT do it justice….but the other night- Adam and I saw the most beautiful rainbow I have EVER seen.  It was gorgeous!  Totally a blessing to see stuff like that! Alaska is not lacking in scenery in the least- it is beautiful here!


Me and my honey!


Adam and I have definitely enjoyed doing quite a bit of hiking up here…..a great time to talk, to breathe beautiful mountain air…and to try and get some vitamin D!

IMG_1456Sunday morning on the porch!

IMG_1461On Sunday we hiked part of Tanalian Mountain with some friends…..it was gorgeous!

IMG_1472Picking potatoes with Christine at work today….only to find out that we weren’t supposed to pick potatoes…but carrots!  Same thing right???  :)

Have  a great week all!


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