only one person:


Have you ever found yourself asking the question…”What can only one person do?”

I find that often- I justify things that I do by saying things like that.  Thinking that because I am only one person in a world of millions…my choices won’t effect others, or won’t effect the world.
I was recently challenged with this in watching a pro-life video that was comparing abortion to the holocaust.  A girl in the video said when she was challenged about thinking whether abortion was right or not, “Well, what can only one person do?”

In the interview with her, Ray Comfort replied….”What if the world is made up of individuals  who would say that I could never bury people alive, or I could never abort a baby”

I love that line….talking about individuals and our choices in life.  I think that they often have a bigger impact than we could imagine.  What if changing the world was about individuals making godly, biblical choices and not compromising with the line….”everyone is doing it” or “i am just one person”
Sometimes I have to stop myself in my tracks and remember that the ONLY actions, attitudes, and thoughts that I will be responsible for when I am face to face with God are my own. I sure do want them to be pure and right.  No matter what the world is doing.
As the church of God, let us strive for our actions to be blameless and right, and above reproach.
The video and original thought that I was challenged with was addressing the issue of abortion, which is something I am passionately against.  But, I think that we can carry that thought over into lots of areas of life.  What if changing the tide of moral decay in our country is made up of individuals saying no to pornography, inappropriate movies, worldly selfish music, materialism, immodesty, sex outside of marriage, divorce, etc…….and valuing human life, seeking the Lord fervently, staying committed to their spouses, raising godly children, honoring their brothers and sisters, worshipping God with their whole hearts, etc?

“No man is an island”
Your actions WILL effect others and the world.  Let’s trust God to use us as salt and light in this world. Light to show to the world their desperate need of Him, and salt to make them thirst for Him.

I am challenging myself in this just as much as anyone who reads it.

The video I mentioned above can be found on youtube.
It is somewhat graphic though, so be forewarned of that.


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