Be Mine Forever?



Ok for real…..I’m engaged! Even as I write that, and read it back- I can’t believe it!  It is fresh and still sinking in for sure!


There are bunches of emotions running through our heads and hearts right now….it’s amazing how quick life can change!  But, it’s good and exciting!  I definitely feel really blessed and excited about our future together.  I always tell people that Adam has blessed my life.  He has brought me joy, stability, he has been a huge encouragement and has anchored me in many ways.  We are a good balance, and I couldn’t ask for anyone better to spend the REST of my life with!  :)

SO- here is the story!
Starting with last week….I was talking with my younger sister about things and wondering when Adam was gonna pop the question!  She said…maybe Saturday!  But, I told her that I didn’t think Adam had talked with my Dad or bought a ring….so I wasn’t even thinking Saturday was a possibility….little did I know!

August 24th 3013- Saturday:
I had the day off….so I slept in, and Adam and I planned to have a late breakfast and coffee together.


Then we went hiking up to the falls….and God totally blessed our day with BEAUTIFUL weather!  I wore shorts, we soaked in the sun, and just enjoyed the gorgeous views.


When we got there….I got a weird feeling that “hmm…maybe he is gonna propose!”  But, he did not.  We had good conversation, and he was sweet and said some things that were [write down in my journal worthy].

Also- he carved our initials into a tree- which totally made my day!  I felt like Laura Ingalls when she was in love with Jonny Johnson!  It was old-fashioned, and really sweet!


When we got back- we had a little while to chill and change before heading over to some friend’s house for dinner.

As we were walking over to their house- the girl who’s house we were going to, walked out of the church and said that they had gotten off work late and were finishing some things in the church, so we could come in and wait.
We walked in, and I didn’t think anything was weird.  She told Adam to look upstairs, cause they had changed something around.  We walked upstairs into the sanctuary- and I heard music playing…..and the chairs were arranged in an aisle sort of leading over to the window where their was a table seated for two!Image


Adam had made dinner for us….had candles out, was playing music that was special to us, and we had a GORGEOUS view of the lake and the mountains!  My heart was beating so fast as I was realizing what was happening! We started eating our dinner a little bit, then Adam gave me a card…when I was near the end, reading the last line that said, “Be Mine Forever?”, Adam got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

I said “Definitely!”

It was so sweet!  I was REALLy surprised and totally caught off guard!  Adam was very thoughtful in all of his planning and getting everything arranged.

And, I am TOTALLY in love with my ring!  I am an old soul and wanted something that looked really traditional to me.  It is timeless and classic, and I love it! Adam did a great job!


After dinner we went for a walk and enjoyed seeing the Alaska sun finally set!  Usually it’s always light till really late- so that was the first time that I had seen it set since I have been here!  It was beautiful, and we just enjoyed our first moments realizing that we are going to marry each other!  :)


Ehh…..sorry that was so long!  But, that’s our story!  :)
We are totally excited and looking forward to this next step that God has for us!


4 thoughts on “Be Mine Forever?

  1. Dave & Patti

    Hi Amy,

    We’re so excited about your engagement to Adam and enjoyed reading the story as much as hearing about it first on the phone. You are an incredibly gifted writer! You make us feel like we’re right there with you no matter what it is you are sharing, but the story of your engagement was definitely exciting to us! We are thankful to the Lord and thrilled to have you become part of our family. We are also excited that Adam will become part of your family. You are the answer to our prayers and we believe Adam is a very blessed man to have you in his life.

    Love Always,

    Dave & Patti

  2. Russ and Claire

    Amy…..We agree that you are very gifted in writing, and we look forward to updates in your blog. It is to Adam’s credit to have made this a very memorable event, and after spending that two plus weeks here with us back in June, our appreciation of Adam and his character have given us a great peace and confidence in your relationship. We affirm you guys and this relationship, and are excited about where God will lead you.

    love, Mom and Dad

  3. missAmy

    Thanks Mom and Dad! We are both thankful to have such awesome parents! Thanks for being awesome examples to us! It means so much that you are all excited for our future! We love you guys!

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