forever the hope in my heart.



I must admit that these past few weeks in Alaska have not been quite what I hoped for or anticipated…..hopefully someday I will learn that life rarely is, and it will help me in continuing to have an eternal perspective about life.
My time is absolutely precious to me…..and my spirit feels so tired and drained if I don’t have any time to myself.  I have been working (if I were anywhere else but Alaska and it wasn’t light almost 24 hours a day) sun-up to sun-down, seven days a week….with only a couple hours of break everyday.  I am totally exhausted and burned out, and I have only been here for a few weeks.
Frustration is constantly upon me….as I am super tired, as I look down and discover yet another bleach stain on a shirt that I like, as I have hardly seen anything in Alaska yet except dirty toilets and sinks full of dishes, as I only have a mere 20 minutes before I have to go back to work, as I get home in the evening and don’t have any energy left to do anything besides take a shower and get ready for bed.
While all of this is negative…..and life is not as happy as it could be right now…..
I have discovered that at different points in life God makes certain parts of His character more evident and real to you.  Right now, I am struck with the idea of God being our Rest, our Shelter, and our Refuge.  I know I have been idealizing a day off, okay or just an evening or anytime off……but I know that true rest only comes from God and from having a right relationship with Him.
In my last post I talked about being thankful……I definitely need to re-read that one and take it to heart myself!

These are some lyrics from a Josh Garrels song that have given me some encouragement this week…..

Now I can rest knowing that nothing can come against
Me unless the Father gives consent
Evil intentions will not disturb God’s purposes or interfere so
Who shall I fear if my Anchor is secure?
Learning to consider it pure joy when I’m facing tribulations
Praising God instead of complaining or getting overtaken with bitterness
Looking at the pages of the book of James and seeing
The ways that God works through the trials to make us more
Mature in our faith. It reminds me how desperate I am in
This desert land, thirsty for your mercy and plan while you
Give me the strength to stand. You’re my greatest pleasure,
Yeah, no matter the weather I face, Lord you never forsake,
My fragile life is safe under your sovereign grace.

I am thankful that God works through times like these in our lives and can actually use them for good and for His purpose.  Not that it’s easy….just makes it more bearable!

Meanwhile….part of my dear family is in Camping this weekend- and I am SO jealous! I LOVE camping- and wish that I could be with them!
Here are a few photos from the week:


the everyday.

IMG_1050This is a gorgeous view.  Hoping to hike that mountain sometime…..

IMG_1057Must have sunshine.

IMG_1063Having a quick picnic lunch with Adam…


Makeshift photo display.

Hope all of you are having a great weekend!  If you are going through a refreshing and encouraging season of life- I am pretty jealous.  But if you are going through a rougher time- I’m right there with you….happy refining   :)


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