life in photos:


Here is a quick catch up with some photos from my phone from the last week-ish….



Alaska is beautiful.



Looking out over the lake.





A fire on the beach with gorgeous mountains is pretty awesome.



SO many dishes.Image





Just a picture of the day.Image


Going for a walk.


Good to be together.

ImageGood debrief time.

You know…..God is good.  
Being here in Alaska- it doesn’t take a lot to realize your blessings.  A good hard look at the beautiful mountains will hit home pretty quick that we serve an awesome God and creator of all things good. This afternoon I had a bit of time which I was thankful for…..and as one of my friends in Uganda inspired me to do- I made a list of things that I am thankful for.  
I think it’s a good practice to do that to make you wake up and and realize that you are so blessed and have a TON of things to be thankful for!  Even if it’s little things……like happy music to listen to, or a rainy day that justifies wearing yoga pants all day.  I know it’s definitely something I could do a whole lot more…….if you need a little thankfulness inserted into your heart…..make a list!  You will I think be surprised how much there is to thank God for.  




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