Life Lately


So being in Africa that long- I definitely missed my family a lot.  So- it’s been great to catch up with some of them, and to just enjoy talking and filling one another in on life.  Two weeks ago I spent good time with my older sister and her family.  She had Theodore just like 3 weeks ago, and I loved spending time bonding with my niece Lydia and cuddling with Theo.  Katie and I were able to just spend a lot of good time talking, and that was really great to catch up with her!

IMG_0594I love these two!

Also I got to spend time with David and Tricia and their son Brayden.  I loved catching up with them, hearing about their lives and how God is encouraging and challenging them.  I got to babysit Brayden, and he took a little bit to warm up to me- but we had a good ole time!


Then on FRIDAY….a week and a half ago- after 10 months of not seeing my boyfriend while I was in Africa and he was in Alaska- I picked him up at the airport!  It had been SO long, and it’s been great to spend time together catching up, making memories together, spending time doing fun things, and him getting to know my family!


It has been really special to be together again.  We fly out to Arizona to visit his family this weekend- and then in 2 weeks we will fly up to Alaska! We are world travelers.

This past weekend Adam’s brother Luke and his girlfriend Ellenie (our friends from Waukesha) came down to visit us.  We had a blast catching up, laughing, staying up late, playing games, going to the lake, playing volleyball, bowling, etc.  We are very thankful for them!


This is my last week in Nebraska- so trying to get organized, do last minute things, and helping with Vacation Bible School at our church.
God has been so good to me, and I am thankful for the time that I have had at home with my family for me to regroup and to be ready to transition to a new stage of life.


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