new season


I have been home from Africa for nearly a week- and it’s so interesting to be in this transition time between what life has been like the past nine months living in a third-world country, and in moving on to something new and different that is coming up in my life.
I can easily get overwhelmed trying to think of every step that is ahead in my future, and am TRYING to learn that it’s best just to focus on what is in front of me.  And right now, that is spending time with family, catching up, and preparing for the next season of life.



Today is my Dad’s 60th birthday!  I sent him, my Mom, and Jenny off on their missions trip to Mexico Saturday- so we had an early celebration of his birthday Friday.


I am praying that they have a great trip- and that all the people going would really be impacted with God’s heart for the world!

And- it is down to 18 days until Adam comes for a visit and we see eachother again after 10 months of being apart!



Life is exciting- and it feels real good to be home.


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