Home Again….


Ahh….back in Ogallala with my family!  It feels so nice to be with people that I have missed SO much these past 9 months!  
It was lovely to have my parents, Jenny, David, Katie, Nathan, and Lydia come and pick me up the other night at the airport!  
After hard goodbyes, almost 19 hours of flight time, and a 24 hour layover in London….it was so nice to see the family!  I am so blessed by them!

ImageI LOVED London- and I am glad that I could have a little adventure there!  
I stayed in a hostel, walked the streets, saw Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, enjoyed cool gloomy weather, people watching, and coffee!  
BUT- I had a camera mishap which was a big bummer and I couldn’t take any photos!  Wish I was better with technology and I probably could have fixed it….

Getting home has been really nice- some things have felt overwhelming- but at this point, I am just enjoying it!  Catching up with my family has been great, and the weather has been really cool- so that is nice!  
While I was in Africa- my family moved into a new house…..and I was worried that it wouldn’t quite feel like home, but really- family is home, so the house doesn’t matter so much.  



God is so good though, and I feel really blessed with the adventures that I have had, and of course looking forward to a new and different season of life coming up!  



Yesterday since it was Jenny’s last day of school- we went to A&W’s and drank root beer and played bananagrams for a while- which was really fun!

I definitely want to say thanks to those of you who have read my blog during this time, been interested in my time in Africa, and prayed for me while I was there!  It is so appreciated!  



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