gracious and abundant…


God has continually, and ever faithfully shown me His perfect sufficiency in my life during my time here- and not just in my life….but in the lives of many people I have been around.  I am so thankful for experiences to look back on in my own life that clearly demonstrate the character of God.  It’s one thing to read stories of His faithfulness in His Word, or to hear about it from other people….but entirely something else to be able to point to a time in your own story when He proved Himself faithful to you!  I am SO thankful for that!  
And- as in awe of that as I am……it gets better- God has not just been sufficient….but graciously, and abundantly sufficient!  That is a beautiful thing about the God that I serve…..He does not do just what He has to, but far exceeds in every way!  God is SO good….and I am blessed to be His child!  









This week has held a lot of emotions in getting ready to leave……saying goodbyes already to friends and people that I have gotten to know while being here.
We finished up full time school on Thursday- and I think we ended on a really good note.  The kids have learned a lot and are doing well, so that is good and encouraging.
We went to co-op on Friday and I was totally blessed by the moms there- remembering that I was leaving……having a really sweet card that all of them signed and a gift, and having their kids make cards for me- and lots of hugs and well wishes!  It’s been fun to be apart of that….and I was totally blown away by their kindness to me!

It seems absolutely CRAZY that in just a few short days I will be HOME with my family!  Can’t even express how excited I am to see them!  

And- I get to have a bit of an adventure in London on my way home….so that is happy!

The next couple days will be hard goodbyes- to the kiddos at the Baby Home, and to the Fowlers…….so I ask for prayer just for a really special last day in Uganda!  


2 thoughts on “gracious and abundant…

  1. claire

    Thinking of the good-byes you’ll be saying makes me teary eyed and I’m not even the one leaving or being left. Praying for you as you go through your final day in Uganda for now. Excited for Tues. evening when we’ll see you in person rather than on Skype! love you, momxxx

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