how lucky i am…



Saying goodbyes are never fun….but just realizing what a blessing it is that saying goodbye on this end will be hard for me.  That means that relationships have been valuable and special, and have impacted me.
And then also- what a blessing to know that a loving, wonderful family will meet me at the airport in Denver in just 9 days!  :)   Reunions are the best!

Things have been busy here!  Last weekend Kelly and I watched all the kids while Leo and Menda went to Fort Portal for a few days just to get away.  We had a good time at home with the kids, holding down the fort!



This week, we have been trying to finish up school and get to a good stopping point before I leave…..5 days left!  It has been fun to see some of the things that the kids have learned this year, and to know that they have grown and been challenged, and definitely made progress in their work.

Today I am killing worms…..Bilharzia worms to be exact. Read about it only if you want to be grossed out.  I went to the surgery on Friday to make sure that I was going home worm, and parasite free- but I do have this….so am taking meds for it this weekend to KILL them!  Ewww!

Yesterday I went to Jinja with Amanda…..and it was a day of adventure, LOTS of public transportation, good laughs, and really not what we planned! But, I was thankful to have a day adventure, and fun time with a friend!

bodaguymosesThis is us with our boda driver Moses- who said every time we asked him if he knew where we were going “yes, I know it”…..then we’d go a bit farther and realize…..yeah, he doesn’t know where to go.  And we would laugh, ask other people, follow other bodas, etc.  Good times.
We ate lunch overlooking the beautiful Nile River and watching people bungee jump, so that was enjoyable!

DSCN2602This week is looking full and busy!  Can’t believe that those suitcases I packed so carefully almost 9 months ago are gonna be packed up again!
Definitely needing to trust God for each of these next days before going home……contentment, peace, patience, strength, and just depending on Him for all things even when I feel overwhelmed.






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