It’s crazy to me how very different each persons experience on this very same earth can be. No person has ever lived the life that you are living, and no one ever will. 
Each combination of experiences and reactions to those experiences is completely unique.
Our lives are journeys of learning and trying new things, going new places, working, playing, and loving….and all the good and bad in between.  
Something I have been challenged with recently through a Beth Moore study (if you’re a fan of her great, if not, great…..either way, I learned some good things!)….is the idea that we are to be stewarding our life experiences.  Our circumstances in life, our stories, and the things that we have gone through are unique to us….and we are called to be responsible in using those things in our lives for God’s glory.  
Our stories are not always meant to be locked up and not shared with others.  Maybe things in your past or an experience you have had could be of great help or encouragement to someone else going through something similar.  
There are definitely reasons for going through things that we do.  

I have had some amazing opportunities in my life….missions trips, going to Bible School, having amazing friends, great jobs, living in Africa, etc……and I definitely am challenged in my thinking of whether I am stewarding those things well.  
Often for me, I struggle with being selfish in things and kind of just want to do my own thing sometimes….I act as if my life only affects me and not others.  But, as the saying goes….”no man is an island” and really everything that I do affects others and vice versa.  
This can either be good or bad.  Everyday we rub shoulders with people and through conversations, working together, or whatever…..part of their story often rubs off on you.  
Our past- all the hard and painful things we have experienced and struggled with….and
Our life experiences- the cool, amazing things we have been blessed with being able to do, the things that give us depth….are things that we need to guard and carefully use in our lives for ministering to others.  

I love the verse above….and I think it is phrased so beautifully- only we ourselves can know the things in our heart that are hard, that cause us pain, and that we struggle with… well as only we can know the things that truly bring us joy, that inspire us, that we are passionate about, etc.  
It sounds so cliche to say that each person is unique….but really, it is so true- and I am encouraged and challenged to see that our paths on this earth are SO vastly different….and that amazing things can come from all of them! 

I hope that maybe in some way this is a challenging thought to you as well.  


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