Sister Post- Summer Memories



Since summer is a FAVORITE time of year for both Jenny and I….we decided to post on some of our favorite summer memories from the past few years!  It was fun to think back on my previous summers and the adventures that they have held….and then to look forward to the adventure that this summer will hold!
Check out Jenny’s post over on her blog!


My parents were gone for a week during this summer- and I was just home for a little bit after my first year of Bible School…..Me and my two little sisters had a BLAST that week just hanging out…having lots of girl time, playing loud music, rollerblading, watching Little House on the Prairie, roasting marshmallows over our fire pit….oh and making pizzas! Definitely fun memories for all of us!
That summer was also when my older sister Katie got married!  We added Nathan to our family and all of us got to be together for a short time for the wedding!
That summer I also worked at Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je in Colorado which was a wonderful and challenging experience.  I met lots of cool people and definitely learned a ton!
At the end of the summer before going back to school, I got to be apart of Leadership Training for New Tribes Bible Institutes student leadership team which was an amazing time with fellow classmates and some of our teachers and deans.  It was a great summer!



Summer 2011 was also good….just a bit different, and a bit harder for me.  I just graduated from NTBI and was trying to figure life out again…..But, I enjoyed great time with my family, I worked at True Value again, helped with VBS, spent time with friends, and made plans to move to Missouri!
A big highlight was going to Snowy Range- our favorite family camping spot in Wyoming!  It was SO much fun to go as it had definitely been a while since we had made the trip…..Snowy Range holds precious memories for me and is one of my favorite places in the whole world.

summer12It’s weird to do a little review on the summer of 2012 cause it seems so recent!  But, it was a WONDERFUL summer filled with joy, and fun, tennis, busyness, and volleyball, and lots more fun, and friends, and BBQ’s, and swimming, road trips, more volleyball…, it was good.
I spent the summer in Wisconsin living with my friend Molly and her family…..spending every spare moment with my friends hanging out and enjoying life.  I took my CNA course, so that was an accomplishment….but other than that, it was one of the most fun summers I have ever had.
At the end of the summer I went home and was able to spend good time with my family before my little sister got hitched and I moved to Africa.  Our whole family was together which was so special even though it was just for a short time.  Definitely thankful for that though….

Summer 2013…..coming up!




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