life lately:


I have to say….that in living here in Uganda- I have never experienced feeling so many emotions in just 24 hours….everyday.


There are moments of happiness, of contentment, of adventure, of learning, of being challenged…..and as well moments of discouragement, frustration, confusion, loneliness, and exhaustion. And, it isn’t uncommon for me to feel all of these things in the course of a day.
Living in a third world country (even though my living situation is quite comfortable…..) is just exhausting sometimes.  I go to bed every night thoroughly worn out.  At times, in living here, I think it is mentally exhausting at every turn being unsure of the culture here, why people are doing what they are doing, and how you fit into (or don’t) everything here.
Often on my blog, I feel as if all you hear are the highlights, the encouraging and exciting things.  I don’t usually mention how living here can be really hard.  I don’t always have a good attitude about it, and then that is hard too.  There are days when it is hard to love people. There are days when is is hard to live among people that I feel I don’t always understand.  But essentially- that is why I am really thankful for this experience….LIVING in a country is a whole lot different than a 2 week missions trip where you see everything good in a country….enjoy new foods and learn to say hello in another language.
LIVING involves seeing all the stuff that you are amazed by in the beginning…..being amazed for a while, and then being super annoyed at times by those same things and working through that.  Living means learning to do a lot of things that are really uncomfortable and scary and making them a way of life.  So many different aspects….and I am only on the surface of those things since I am only here for about 9 months.
I have deep admiration for people who live overseas long term and make their home in a culture other than their own.  There is so much to be learned while being put out of your comfort zone and thrown into a third world country and everything that comes with that.
In these last 6 weeks that I have living here, I want to make the most of them……realizing each opportunity for what it is, and treasuring every person I know and meet, and every moment that I am here.  It is amazing how very quickly the time has gone by…..but am I counting weeks, oh and maybe days…..yeah, I am.  I miss people a lot, and I am VERY excited to see family again.
As the time is drawing to a close, I am realizing how important a lot of people here are to me, the impact that they have made on my life, and that saying goodbyes on this end are going to be hard….Life seems to always be full of that.  Definitely one of the biggest things I am looking forward to about heaven….no more goodbyes.
I have spent some precious time with the babies at the baby home recently…..
And some sweet time with the kiddos at the pool…
This photo above cracks me up…..cause Gloria really does like me- she just LOOKS like she hates me in this picture cause she had been holding my camera….and I gave it to Rylea to take a photo of us, and she got pretty mad about that!
Thanks so much to everyone who has cared about my adventure here in Uganda and is praying for me here, it is so appreciated!

2 thoughts on “life lately:

  1. claire

    Well, Amy, this one brought tears to my eyes. I wish I could just hold you and hug you right about now………love you, momxxx

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