“it’s like jurassic park”

Last Friday- I went with four other girls to Murchison Falls for a safari!  I wasn’t sure I was actually going to go on one before I left….but God provided amazing girls to go with and just the perfect situation for it!  
Now…..as my title says…..”it’s like Jurassic Park”……on Thursday night before we left, I confessed to the girls that I really had no frame of reference for what a safari might be like other than thinking it might be sort of like the movie Jurassic Park.  
We laughed about that, but honestly at some moments it did remind me of it!  :)
We drove up on Friday….coffee in hand, safari playlist going, 5 girls in one Land Cruiser with all our stuff, the tent, and food for the weekend.  It was a pretty packed car, but made for good bonding time.  
When we arrived, we went to see the Falls…..they were AMAZING!  SO beautiful!  I love waterfalls and have seen some awesome ones…..but this one was HUGE!  And, I loved that it was apart of the Nile River.  It was really incredible….we hiked around a bit and then just enjoyed time sitting by the falls and enjoying the beautiful creation!
It’s only natural that when you are camping (all girls)…..and using a tent that you borrowed and have never set up before, that you should do it in the daylight while you can see, and while there are no hippos wandering around the campsite…..we knew all that, took it into consideration…..and got back to camp just after dark to set up the tent!  Again, a bonding experience to figure out how to set up the tent!  But, all was well and it worked out great!  
6:00am on Saturday morning….wake up, put on safari clothes, make coffee, buy ferry tickets and head down to the river to go across and see the animals!  We got a pretty good schedule down, each of us dividing up these important responsibilities.  One of the girls who went with us made delicious pumpkin bread for our trip…..so that and coffee every morning was a great way to wake up and start the day!  
(okay….so we look a little crazy, but it was early and we hadn’t had all of our coffee yet)
I was so excited to safari…..and I was not let down!  It was BEAUTIFUL scenery, amazing views, and seeing the animals was incredible!  
We were in the park ALL day from 7:00am to 7:00pm just driving around!  We saw elephant, African buffalo, warthogs, giraffe, lions!, hippos, and lots more!  
Highlights definitely were seeing a female lion with her two cubs and then later that day, the same lion kill a warthog and begin to eat it!  (So many emotions for a girls safari having to witness that let me just say…..excitement, wanting to vomit, tears, laughter, etc)
The place we stayed was really fun as well.  It was called Red Chili and was similar to a hostel atmosphere. Lots of young people there and definitely some unique people to meet and talk with.  We brought games to play and introduced “Bananagrams” to some girls we met from Holland.  We were definitely the loud Americans…..sorry to everyone that we kept up late and got up early! 
All of it was amazing to see and honestly I felt like we were all able to worship God in a unique way this weekend by enjoying the incredible beauty that we saw.  It was probably one of the coolest things that I have ever done.
Spending Easter morning driving around, listening to Matt Maher sing Christ is Risen……and spending several hours looking really hard for lions…..it was amazing.  So blessed. 
Overall it was an awesome weekend, and I so enjoyed my time with the girls and with the animals   :)  
God is good.

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