Missionary Highlight- The Williams



So, I am starting a new series highlighting missionaries that I know around the world in order for us all to learn more about their ministries and the work that God is doing through some amazing people!  I am so blessed to know so many awesome people that are serving the Lord, and I am praying that we can all be encouraged by hearing about their ministries, and as well be challenged in praying for them, supporting them, and partnering with them to see lost people reached with the Gospel!


I know Coleton and Shawna from Bible School at New Tribes in Wisconsin.  They are an awesome family and have amazing hearts for the Lord.    They were a year ahead of me and went to MTC after they graduated.  After I graduated from NTBI- I worked in childcare for a semester and got to take care of precious Isaac in the nursery.
Here is some of their story- I hope that you enjoy hearing how God is using them and where they are headed for ministry!


We are Coleton and Shawna Williams. We were married June 6, 2009. We have a little boy named Isaac that will be 2 in June. We grew up in Arizona in the same little town, but have seen God’s heart for the nations and we have to be a part of what He is doing throughout the globe.

-Heart for missions-

We both went to the same Christian camp in Hume Lake California when we were in High School. It was there that God challenged the both of us to tribal missions. There was a man there named Brad Busser that spoke about New Tribes Mission and what they were doing amongst the unreached people groups of the world. We were not even dating yet, but we both knew that the Lord was calling us overseas, so we went to get the applications to the first part of training together . Less than a week later we went on our first date and the rest is history. The Lord made sure we were headed in the same direction before he brought us together. We went to the Bible School in Wisconsin, then to the Training Center in Missouri. While we were there we saw need all over the world. We struggled with where to go for a long time, and finally made a decision to go to Papua New Guinea. The reason we chose to go there is nothing special. We saw a need, and we chose to be a part of that need going away. We knew that we could learn the language in PNG quickly and the country is still open to Missionary Visa’s. That way we don’t have to go into the country under another type of Visa.


Right now we are raising the financial support we need to go to Papua New Guinea. We plan on leaving this July if our finances are met. New Tribes Mission does not let their missionaries leave for the field if they are not at 75% of their “Recommended Support Level.” We are currently at 64% If you want to be one of the people that help us to reach our goal you can become one of our supporters through this link. http://usa.ntm.org/missionaries/coleton-and-shawna-williams

In Papua New Guinea, we are planning on being Church Planters. This doesn’t mean that we are trying to create “American Christians,” but that we are trying to establish a mature group of believers in Papua New Guinea. We plan on moving into a tribe, learning their language and culture, and becoming friends with a people group. We want to live with them, and learn their customs, and eventually present the gospel to them in their own language. We will also be translating the Bible in their language, teaching them how to read and write, and discipleship.

-God’s Provision-

Right now the Lord has been blowing our minds with His faithfulness. It takes so much money, and so many people for us to be able to serve in Papua New Guinea. He is using the generosity of people who we would not expect. People who have just started working again after not having jobs for long periods of time, people who live in small houses, and people who could really use they extra $20 a month, but they are giving gladly to the Lord anyway. It has been humbling and wonderful at the same time!

-Prayer Requests-

You could pray for the rest of our support! We need to be at 75% in the next couple of months to be able to leave. You can pray that we can find new people to contact about our ministry. We have contacted just about everyone we know in our area! You can pray for our paperwork. We have so much to do right now for Visa’s. You can pray for our future partners that we will work with in our tribe. You can pray for the people who we are going to serve in Papua New Guinea. That they would find loop holes in their way of thinking and that they would be “fed up” with what their spirits are telling them to do right now! Finally, you can pray for our family. We want to continue to make the time for each other and our baby boy during this crazy period in our life.

If you want to contact either of us you can do so through email

Coleton: coletonw45@gmail.com

Shawna: shawnafayew@gmail.com

You can also contact us on our facebook page


Please feel free to contact us about anything. If you want to receive our newsletter, if you want to be praying for us, or if you would like to give financially. Thank you!


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