whales, nails, braids, and elephants!


Today we finished our homeschool co-op session in Kampala.  It went well and I think was a fun time for the kids.  

It’s always a big production to pack up 8 kids and everything we need for co-op and driving with another family to Kampala which is about an hour to an hour and a half away depending on traffic.  
But, it’s really nice that the kids get to have some social time with other missionary families, expat families, and Ugandan families who are all homeschooling.  There is a good diversity there, and that is cool. 
This session- the kids did classes on drama, creative writing, karate, tae kwon do, sign language, Luganda, Ugandan history, and I taught a class for the preschool age on animal science.  
Today some of the classes did presentations on what they had learned, and it was fun and encouraging to see the things that they had learned and been taught in the classes. 
Compared to teaching during the week- quite different to teach kids that are all in a classroom and near the same level of education.  I actually enjoyed doing it, and hopefully the kids learned from it!
Today we learned about aquatic mammals and made paper plate whales:
Definitely a CUTE group of kids!  Had fun with them for sure!
And, I have to say that the whale projects turned out really cute!   
Yesterday- I was doing math with the girls outside, and Malachi (5) asked me really sweetly “Miss Amy, can I paint your toenails?”  He was so cute about it, so I said yes!  With his motor skills hard at work….he began carefully and meticulously painting pink and then purple onto my toenails and really just my toes in general.  He was taking it very seriously though and I think was quite happy with how it turned out.  It was really cute!
This was after a couple showers, so the paint that was on my toes had come off quite a bit……definitely a pedicure from a 5 year old, but precious nonetheless!
Tomorrow, I am getting braids put in my hair again.  I just know that in America, I would never have that done….so might as well do it again here!  Plus- in ONE week- I am going to see elephants and giraffes, and hopefully lions, cause I am going on safari with 4 other girls!  We are just camping (trying to make it the most cost effective safari possible), so I wanted low maintenance hair for that as well!
Anyways, I am excited for that, because I mean- I can’t very well leave Africa without seeing some wildlife!  So, it will be an adventure, and I am glad to have some girls to go with to do that!

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