beautiful tension:



2 months from tomorrow and I am going back to the homeland!  While it does feel as if my time here has gone quickly….I admit that I think when May 21st rolls around- I will be very ready to be home and to see family and friends and all that is familiar again.  I miss America although I have truly treasured and learned from every bit of my time here. 

Now is the point though that the end is near and I am having to make a very conscious effort to be present and engaged and focused on school and people here, instead of looking only to going home.  I feel the tension of knowing my time here will be coming to a close and wanting to enjoy it as well as feeling real ready to get home!

 I thought though that I would make a list of things that I am looking forward to/have missed about the States:      (I have tried NOT to dwell on these things during my time here, but rather to enjoy the unique things about Africa)

  • Tennis…..I am very excited to play tennis again.  Before I left, I was enjoying it quite a lot and am looking forward to getting back to that.
  • Volleyball…..definitely have missed this!  Last summer I played tons with my friends and I LOVE volleyball.
  • Almond Milk- while I have been here, I have had to switch to coconut milk, and it is just NOT as tasty.
  • Texting- I miss texting friends and family a lot!  It’s just a fun way to keep up with people throughout the day…..and since it’s not super cheap to text from here, Adam is the only person that I text   :)
  • Having my family come and pick me up from the airport.  Saying goodbye is always sad…but getting to say hello again after a long time is so special!  I still remember HOW excited I was to see them after my time in PNG- and that was only 5 weeks!
  • Going to the library, getting coffee, doing errands….it will be nice to do these things in an American setting that is calm!
  • Wearing shorts….that’s really silly, but I miss it.  Here- I only wear them when I am running since it’s sort of taboo to show your thighs!  (but here- women showing lots of cleavage and bra straps, and a woman exposing her entire breasts when she is feeding her child is completely fine, so it’s sort of opposite from western thinking)
  • Not being called Mzungu……it’s fine, it doesn’t offend me- just gets a bit old to feel like you can never just blend into things.
  • Not having to barter.  I don’t mind it all the time, and in some ways it’s been fun to have the experience of it….but I kind of like the idea of price tags a bit better.  

Anyways……this morning in devotions we were talking with the kids about how there are beautiful things in every place and always things to be thankful for.  The truth is-  when I get back to America…I am sure there will be things that I miss about here. 
I think that constant discontent doesn’t have to be a curse, but maybe just more of a reminder that heaven is our true home! 


-Ephesians 5:1-2


2 thoughts on “beautiful tension:

  1. claire

    I love the picture you posted – Is that Glory sitting on Menda’s lap? Your reminder to stay focused on the “here and now” is a good reminder. As spring arrives, I agree, it is terribly difficult to stay on task with school!!! Gardening, walking, summer all become distractions to keep focused. love you, momxxx

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