Sister Post- Insecurity and God’s Sufficiency


ImageTime for another Sister Post with Jenny!  You can read mine below and Jenny’s over on her blog!

I think everyone is beautiful.  I honestly do.  (not that I have never been guilty of this), but I can’t stand it when people make negative comments about other people’s appearance.  The way that you look is a personal thing and an important thing….and something that MANY people are insecure about.  
I am a girl…. so I am writing this from a female perspective.  I think that God made each and EVERY person beautiful……and our world has tainted the word “beauty” to mean the women on the covers of the magazines…….In the western culture, there is a lot of pressure and expectations put upon women and that we as women put on ourselves to be thin, to have great fashion, to spend ridiculous amounts of time “working” on yourself- whether it’s dieting, working out, doing hair and makeup, etc.  I have seen firsthand in my own life and in the lives of people close to me how harmful this thinking can be.  
Women ARE beautiful. Enough said.  God made us that way….and it is something we should never have to question.  Are some women very pretty……yes.  Are others maybe more pretty then them…..yes.  But, we are created beautiful not just with our bodies, but with our spirits, our personalities, and hopefully our character.  The thinking that you need to change something about yourself to be beautiful is dangerous and undermining God’s design of you!  
Women desire to feel and look beautiful, and I think that is God given.  But, trying to fit yourself into a mold of what the world says is beauty instead of embracing the person that God created you to be…….is not His desire for our lives.  
The world’s idea of beauty is unrealistic…..and I HATE that is has made so many women strive to be something that they are not, and should never need to feel like they have to be.  We all have different body types, different skin, and hair……and that is OKAY.  
Am I saying that you should not take care of your body, eat healthy, and exercise…….absolutely not.  I think you should, and that is being a good steward of your body.  But, I AM saying that God created you EXACTLY the way that you are because He wanted to, because it pleased Him, and because that is JUST the way that He wanted you!  Our God does NOT make mistakes.  
The truth is….I struggle with insecurities just as much as anyone…..and it’s easier for me to encourage others about that than to feel encouraged myself.  But, it is something that I am wanting to work on.  Jenny and I decided to post about this because it is a topic that almost every girl/woman can relate to, something that is personal, and something we wanted to encourage others in!  
God is completely sufficient to handle our insecurities, and for us to find our security in.  So often we are looking for approval from our peers, our culture, our friends, and our social groups that we are involved in……But trying to please people and looking for our affirmation from them is a wasted effort that will leave you drained, and feeling like you always have something to prove to others.  
My encouragement is this……Seek to be satisfied with Christ alone.  Seek to be satisfied in who He made you to be.  There are going to be days when you don’t feel so secure, and when you feel like you are not quite matching up…..but hopefully overtime- the only opinion that will TRULY matter to us, is God’s…..and He will always think that you are beautiful.  




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