play-dough and coffee…’s the simple things in life:



This week when I went out to the Baby Home- I decided to make play-dough for the kids…..just as something fun to do while I was there.  I got there just as they were waking up from their naps- and they were happy to see me!  I told them I had a surprise and they all sat down at the table…..I gave them each a bit of play-dough to play with…..and they were just sitting there not doing anything.  The younger set of twins started to touch it and the older kids slapped their hands and said, “No!”  I was like, “No, it’s okay….zannya (which means play in Luganda)….it took a little bit, but finally Nakoto put her little hand on it, with a big smile, she said, “Yay!” and began clapping her hands!  It was adorable, and I was so happy that it was a fun thing for them!  Play-dough, who’d have thought?  

Yesterday, I went to Kampala to stay the night with my friend Rose before meeting the Fowler’s at Co-op this morning…..It was so fun, and definitely an encouragement to spend some time with her!  We know several mutual people and had a mutual experience of working at Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je in Colorado!  But, it was just a fun and relaxing time.  This morning, she had to go to work around 8:15 and I didn’t have to be at co-op till 9, so to kill a bit of time, she told me about a good coffee shop and the boda driver dropped me off there….It was lovely.  Not quite Starbucks or anything….but a nice little atmosphere, very calm, nice seating, good service, and delish coffee.  It was a great way to start the morning to have my devotions there and to just enjoy a nice place to drink coffee.

ImageSo you see…’s just the simple things in life that can sometimes make it so lovely.  
Enjoy your day….even for just the little things!  



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