public transportation:


Taking public transportation here in Uganda is always an adventure…..

Whether it’s riding a boda and nearly falling off or getting hit by another vehicle… having to stop to wait for a herd of cows to cross the road or riding an EXTREMELY full taxi complete with the smells of body odor and fresh fish…..and the occasional chicken or two on board……it’s never very boring!  
In America….I am a PANSY.  Ask anyone in my family…or anyone who knows me at all.  I have never been the most adventurous person.  I was the girl who climbed to the top of MANY water water slides, only to have to go back down the stairs after getting too scared to go down.  I would cry when my oldest brother would force me to ride his 3-wheeler or motorcycle with him……and even when I was much older…only a couple years ago at training for being a camp counselor, I nearly broke into tears while climbing the rock wall. Haha….
Here, I think God has given me grace to be able to get past some of those things.  I still don’t think that even just before I came here that I would ride a motorcycle in the States with someone I knew and trusted….but here- I don’t know why…but I somehow have the guts to jump on the back of motorcycles with complete strangers and cruise around Kampala or dirt roads in the midst of traffic, pedestrians, tons of pot holes and no organization!  
Honestly….it’s just part of the adventure here I guess.  And- I always say I am just braver when I am overseas….but maybe, just maybe I am getting braver in general?  haha….who knows.  
A few days ago I was taking a taxi home from the Baby Home…..we made a stop and someone on board had lost their wallet….things ended up getting a bit crazy and I found myself in the middle of a crowd of Ugandans yelling at each other and blaming everyone for stealing the wallet.  I think I look confused and someone pulled me aside and told me just to get another taxi.  We waited for like 15 minutes and all the taxis coming from Kampala were full, so we ended up getting back on the SAME taxi after things had been sorted out.  
And yesterday I took a taxi to Kampala to see my friend Rose…..I wasn’t totally sure where I should get off, so I asked the girl sitting beside me for help in knowing what stop I should get out on….pretty soon everyone on the taxi was trying to help figure out where I was going and the best/most efficient way to get there!  I am still learning my way around, and thankful to people for helping me out in getting there.  
On the one hand, I hate the public transport, cause it’s unsafe and crowded and smelly……but on the other hand- I love it cause I feel like it’s just part of the experience in being here, it’s a good opportunity to talk with people, etc.  
So, here’s to experiencing culture here, staying safe, and holding on tight when I am riding a boda!



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